What are the things that we should decide for ourselves?

There are some decisions in life that we should take ourselves because sometimes there comes a time in our life when we are not able to take decision for ourselves and decide after coming to the point of others. The result of this is that we keep repenting for that decision again and again throughout our life. So today I am going to tell you some such things. Whose decisions you should take on your own.

What are the things that we should decide for ourselves?

It may be okay to depend on elders for important decisions but not on everything. There are some things in life in which we have to take our own decisions without consulting our parents, relatives, and friends. Many boys or girls are not aware of these life-related decisions and they take decisions according to the wishes of others by coming to the words of others and then they regret it throughout their life.

In life, you should do the following things of your own free will. If you do these things with the will of others or with the permission of others, then you can read regret for the rest of your life. Although it does not happen every time, if it happens then you will be thinking for the rest of your life why did I do this?

In these following tasks, you need to make decisions on your own.


The biggest question in front of a student is what in which he should make his career? For this, he takes the help of us, you, parents, friends, relatives, and does not know from whom. Suppose you have to do engineering and you ask everyone questions about it, then people will tell you what they must have experienced. Maybe their experience scares you and makes you hold back. That's why it is better than what you have to do and what not, he should think for himself, do not depend on others.

Listening to the Heart:-

Our heart or our soul always shows us the right path but we do not listen to the heart. Whereas we should make a decision with our mind after listening to the words of others and if our mind also does not work, then we should listen to the heart. We care more about other people than our life. We always think that "what will people say" just get lost in this turmoil and lose our way.

Proper use of energy:-

It often happens that whenever we start any work, we do it half-heartedly and then people tell us wrong and wrong about us and we believe their words. For example, thinking of "you will not be able to do this" and then thinking of all this, we are not able to use our energy properly. As a result, we fail.

If you are doing any work in which you are not getting pleasure and you feel that your time and energy are being wasted in it, then you should leave it immediately. Do what you like. If you do the work of your choice then you will be able to use your full energy in it and if you use your full energy then it simply means that you will definitely get success.

Be self-reliant:-

If you want to live a life of freedom and feel the freedom, then it is important for you to be self-dependent. When you depend on someone else, they will be involved in your life even if they do not want to. This will mean that they will put their opinion in your decisions as well and you will make wrong decisions because of them. So choose the right path and be self-dependent.

Keep yourself happy:-

The biggest truth in the world is that you can't keep everyone happy. If you are trying to please everyone, then you are supporting someone in some way or the other. Don't speak for yourself or others. When you succeed, the world will follow you. So please yourself and don't think too much about others.

Don't waste time:-

Getting approval from others is a waste of both time and dreams. When you share your point with someone, they will listen, then think on it, and then answer after that. That's why neither wastes your time on what others say nor waste your time trying to convince anyone. Until you achieve success, you should be restless.

Your Happiness Is Yours:-

The work that makes you happy, it is not necessary that others should also be happy in doing it. It is not necessary for others to like what you like. Everyone has a different opinion here. So make a plan for yourself and keep going on it. There may be some difficulties, but in the end, that destination will be yours and the hard work to reach it will also be yours. Then there will be no greater happiness for you than that happiness.

Know Yourself:-

Don't let anyone define you. Before making a relationship with anyone, make a relationship with yourself and love yourself. Try to understand yourself. This will happen only when you try to separate yourself from others for some time and listen to your heart and mind. You have to understand that you are the most special in the world.

I don't know what people will tell you, but you have to keep in mind that you are not the people who talk about you. You are the one who never gives up.

Control your own life:-

Often we live life according to the wishes of others and the control button of our life is in the hands of others. We do what other people want us to do. It should not happen.

Hold the control button of your life in your hand. When we become more dependent on others, they try to control us. Then you are surrounded by questions like don't do this, don't do that. So, as much as you can, keep your meaning to others. Don't give them so much importance in your life that you will be forced to do anything for them.

Your final decision should be yours:-

It often happens that we think about starting many things but then consults other people about them and then change our mind after listening to their negative things. You never have to do that. Yes, take advice from others, it is not wrong. But the final decision should be yours, which you have to take from your heart and mind.

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