Some things change the heart and life.
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There are some things that can change a person's heart as well as his life. Your love doesn't matter to people who don't have time to give you.

Such things that change the heart and life, some true and beautiful things,

  • Happiness is showered from the sky on a person who seeks happiness for someone else.
  • When someone starts feeling good, then his bad also feels good, love is not blind, but it is heartless.
  • It is easy to give a sliver of patience to others when you drink it yourself, only then do you come to know how heavy it is to drink every single drop.
  • Wherever he used to laugh whenever he wanted, he used to cry wherever he wanted, but now he needs the courage to laugh and loneliness to cry.
  • Sometimes, even after having many words, the heart does not want to speak, either to tell or express nor sympathize.
  • Leave your decisions to your Lord, despair will leave you.
  • What is the difference between age and life? The very beautiful answer is the age that passed without loved ones and the life that passed with loved ones.
  • Sometimes we are remembering a person with great fondness, in whose eyes our status is nothing more than a mere frivolous idea.
  • A person is less sick from the things that he eats, he is sicker from the things that are eating him inside.
  • Even silence is not a reason, pain takes away the voice.
  • Don't compete with anyone, you are the best you are.
  • The raining rain and the crying eyes are felt only by those whose homes are raw and whose hearts are fragile.
  • One has to fight the battle of life alone, people only give comfort and not with.
  • The sweeter the people, the more bitter life tests them.
  • The thought of destroying someone is enough to ruin you.
  • Those who know that God listens very carefully, then they do not narrate their story to anyone else.
  • If you see the good in a person, then tell him, but if you see the flaw, then there is a test of your quality.
  • Only time gives answers to some questions and the answer given by time is wonderful.
  • Time does not change but passes, it is the only man who changes.
  • All evil and trouble are the product of hatred from loneliness.
  • Being silent too much creates misunderstanding and speaking too much leads to less appreciation.

When a friend of yours is sad, don't give him advice, listen to him quietly so that his heart becomes lighter. Lightening someone's heart is an art and we all should learn it.

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