New Motivational Speech l Part-29 l Krishna Bani

Friends, One word. Which we call sometime or so, tell us how many times are we listening. That is selfishness. That person is selfish. He did bad things for selfish ends and so on. If you look closely The world begins to value selfishness as the price of sin. But is selfishness really bad?

No...Selfishness. The word is made up of self. That is, in the act of which only self-meaning just a taste of self-interest. Now the question arises that what is your self? If you have only yourself. Then you must be selfish. If your self includes family. Then you become a familyman. If you have other people in your possession. Then you were altruistic. If you have this world in your self. Then you are altruistic. So don't go away from your selfishness. Expand that. Expand your existence. This selfishness will suddenly turn into selflessness.

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