These three bad habits can give you trouble in life.
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Young youth is such a stage in every person's life in which he can either make or break his life completely. In young youth, a person has time, courage, freedom, vigor, strength, energy. Most of the big and important things in a person's life happen during this time. He experiences new things everywhere in studies, work, relationships, family. There are many big changes in a person's life. The more good things we get to do at this time, the more bad things are also present in front of us. What a person chooses is his personal decision and on these decisions not only his present but also his future rests.

It is said that the habits adopted in youth stay with us for the rest of our lives. During this time the person is ready for change but after this time it is difficult for the person to change any habit. If you keep your habits good at this time, then you can achieve the biggest success in life. On the other hand, if you adopt bad habits then you can ruin your whole life. What you do in your youth determines your life in your old age. If you want to live a good life then you should always stay away from three bad habits in your youth.

These three bad habits can give you trouble in life.

Lazy life

It is said that man's best friend and worst enemy is himself. If a person gives shelter to wrong habits in his life, then he himself is destroying his life. One such bad habit is the habit of being lazy. It is considered harmful not only for the In young youth but also for the person of every age. For the sake of his laziness, a person even compromises in his important work for some time. Without knowing, a person wastes the precious time of his life. One should not be lazy at all in youth. At this time laziness becomes the enemy of man's success. Therefore man should always lead a disciplined life. One should keep his sleeping and waking time fixed so that not a little bit of his time is wasted other than that.


Considered one of the worst habits in the world. In today's time its trend has become very common, but you cannot imagine how harmful it can be for you in future. Initially, the person keeps himself under control while intoxicating, but after some time these intoxicants take the person under his control. After this, when a person gets addicted to it, it is not known. Apart from physical problems, you also have to face mental problems due to intoxication. You may also face financial problems. If everyone around you is addicted to drugs, then it can prove to be very bad for you. Drug addiction ruins the life of good people. You may have a lot of abilities, yet because of this habit of yours, you spoil the work you have done.

Bad company

We live among people, it has a very profound effect on our lives. If you have good people in your company then they lead you to success in life. On the other hand, if you fall in the wrong company, then your whole life can be in trouble. Before giving place to people in your life, think carefully from the beginning. How you spend your time with people in the present determines your future. Always remember that good company gets you closer to your goals and success. On the other hand, bad company moves you away from success and closer to failure.

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