10 Motivational quotes on Success.

1. Success requires constant hard work and determination which many people are not ready to put in.

2. Success does not have a definite formula or mantra which applies to everyone around the world. The meaning of success changes from one person to another.

3. Never chase success as it will only lead a person to be unhappy in life.

4. English Success could be defined as the measure of happiness or fulfillment one person feels after achieving his or her goals.

5. To be successful in life one needs to set a goal and work towards it with determination.

6. Always learn from your failures and past experiences. Never allow your past to define you.

7. Successful people are very good at managing time so learn the skill of time management if you want to be successful in life.

8. Do not be demotivated when you fail as sometimes failure is the only thing that will help you in determining your life.

9. Success is a direct product of the hard work you put into accomplishing your goal.

10. Make a definite blueprint for your life and note down the different goals you want to achieve in a different part of your life.

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