What is love and why does love happen?

Friends, Nowadays, children as young as a child are roaming around making love instead of concentrating on reading and writing. Whereas the truth is that many people do not even know the meaning of what is love? What is this thing called Love? Due to which people's hearts get broken quickly due to misunderstanding. Then either they become Devdas or take some wrong step.

The month of February is called the month of love because the festival of lovers, Valentine's Day, falls in this month. Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14 February but preparations for it start as soon as February starts. Most lovers express their love in this month. Some people's love is accepted while others are disappointed. Some people get the destination of their love while some people also get their hearts broken.

Love cannot be expressed in words nor is there any definition of love. It can only be felt. This is such a beautiful feeling which connects two people very deeply. This is a bond that binds two people from the depth of their souls. Falling in love with someone can happen easily but it cannot end easily.

Love can be felt only by the one who truly loves someone. Love has no language. It is wordless. Love only listens to the heart. Feels the heartbeats.

Love is a dedication, in which a person becomes completely devoted to his love, love is such a sacrifice, in which a person rejects all the wealth of the world for love, love is such a penance, in which a person gives up all his, He sacrifices all his luxuries and comforts for his love.

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