How to make friends with an unknown girl?
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Sometimes a girl suddenly likes while walking in life. Wherever he may be, office, home, school, college, on the road, in the market, and you have become a fan of him with a single glance, and you want him to be yours in any way. But in such a situation, the biggest question remains that neither you know him nor do you recognize him, then how to make friendship with him? How to talk to him, from where to start, different types of questions keep running on mind.

So let me tell you the answer to these questions today, how to start talking to an unknown girl, how to be friends with her..

What should be in you before befriending or talking to a girl?

  • Take care of your personality, keep passion in yourself, take out the fear inside you. Like it happens to some people that the beats go bad as soon as they go in front of the girl. The body language gets deteriorating, the gestures change, those who have taken the work or talk are forgotten. You start sweating out of fear, in such a condition you cannot say anything. So take out the fear inside you, have confidence in yourself, that you can do it. This happens not only with you but with everyone, then many people do this work easily. Always remember this thing, a girl never likes timid boys. It is not that people who can easily befriend any girl with confidence, it is not like that at all. They just take the challenge and do it comfortably.
  • Secondly, whatever girl you want to talk to, know her a little. Where is it from, what is the name, about the family, how does it come. Because the more information you know, the more time will be useful to talk later.
  • One more thing, if you have confidence on yourself that you can do this work, then it will happen to you and if you do not have confidence then it will never happen to you. So there is no need to be mad. Do it confidently.

How to make friends with an unknown girl?

1. Make eye contact with the girl you want to be friends with. I mean, look at him, and look at him with love. Do not stare, look lightly. Just make him feel that you are watching him, and when he understands this. Without understanding, your low started without talking.

2. Pay attention to everything about him, make him feel that you are dying to talk to him. Be behind him for a while, try to help. Take time out for that.

3. Catch his body language. Know how she is feeling if you see her. If she is ignoring, knowing that you are watching, then understand that she does not like all this. This does not mean that the story should be finished, try to find out the reason. Somewhere she does not already love anyone or her house rule is not to be friends with strangers. If these are all regions then you will have to work a little more.

4. Next step, you try to talk to him. This is the most important step and challenge. You must be thinking that this work will not be done by me. But do not be afraid, it is not as difficult as you think. In this, if you have his mobile number, Facebook ID, then this work is easier. You can speak comfortably on the phone, otherwise it is a bit hard in the direct but not impossible.

5. Before talking, know his mood whether he is happy or in tension. After that talk, go in front of him and start over. Don't be scared You should talk in some topics like, What is your name? which school/college are you in? I had to talk to you about something, Where do you work? where do you live? Now after listening to these questions, when the girl will reply, you should put current of mind at that time, and give such an answer which will impress her.

6. When one or two things start happening, tie it in your sweet talk. Talk as if you do not feel like talking to anyone except him. You can keep her as engrossed in your talk as you can ask, her hobbies, her family, her favorite TV shows, actors, musicians, and movies, her summer holidays, all these topics.

Some important things:

  • Girls like dashing boys very much. Girls make friendship with dashing boys on their own. Before making friends with a girl, you should pay attention to your personality.
  • Do not pass the comment at all, do not pass the comment to the girl with whom you want to be friends with the boys. Girls do not like such a boy. You can pass a smile instead of a comment.
  • As almost everyone knows, every girl likes his compliments. Therefore, if you get a place, definitely praise that girl.

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