New Motivational Speech l Part-30

Friends, the child for a father, his pride, his ego, and Her father, her role model, her inspiration for the child. The father understands every wish of the child without saying anything and they try to accomplish that. On the other hand, the child is always trying to do that how to make your parents proud. But this bond is broken in one place.

Then... when the children want to choose their spouse according to their own wishes. Why... the reason is lack of communication. When it comes to child marriage. Parents wonder why they should ask their children about this. We don't want to be unfair to our children. But the offspring have this belief that It is his right to think about his future. Therefore, one remains unhappy. And there is no communication. In the same way, parents should understand the desires of their children with the same affection. And the child must trust the parents with the same faith. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Both the present and the future will be fine.

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