New Motivational Words l Part-31

Friends, Forget and man.
The relationship between the two is something like this.
Such as feathers and birds.
Of streams and rivers.
If forgetfulness is such an important part of human nature.
Think about it, why be ashamed of it?
Is it okay to be ashamed of this?
At first glance, mistakes give us the opportunity to be even better.
Inspired to perform much better than before.
Now some people may disagree with this.
Because in the eyes of many, mistakes lead to guilt.
Guilt to crime.
There is no forgiveness for crime.
Punishment should be meted out.

But what do you think?
Why does this happen?
What is the reason for this?
The reason for this is to avoid admitting mistakes.
If you make a mistake.
Then you will not accept.
Then that fault will turn into a mistake.
That guilt is a crime.
So have courage.
Admitting your mistake towards the direction of correcting your mistake
This will be your first step.
Crime is that when.
When the person do not admit their mistake in time.

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