What is emotional addiction?
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Emotional addiction, it is made up of two words. Emotional i.e. emotional and addiction i.e. addiction, i.e. this whole word means a kind of emotional addiction, in which a person gets intoxicated to behave or feel in a particular way. Many times one of the two loving couples gets emotionally addiction to the other. In such a situation, if that partner does not fulfill that habit i.e. emotional need, then they start getting upset. Emotions are there in all of us and they are also important to us. But the trouble starts when our emotions start becoming our habits. Some people keep feeling or want to keep feeling the same emotions over and over again. He finds himself in a situation where he does not feel the need to change himself.

Very few people are able to understand this thing. Many people become addicted to their inner thoughts and thoughts and they keep getting to feel these thoughts again and again. Let us know what can be done to come out of this addiction.

Seek help from someone you trust:

You can enlist the help of another person you trust in this self-searching task. Tell him that you are doing some interpersonal work in which you need his help. After this, ask them some questions about themselves, like- "How do I respond to any situation or thing, what kind of things do I do more during the day, etc." Actually, others sometimes notice those things about us, which we are not able to do about ourselves.

Understand your feelings:

It sounds simple enough but actually, it is not so simple because we do not judge emotions before reacting to them. You do not consider these thoughts as an addiction because you have become used to them and now you feel that they are a part of you. Notice each thought and begin to know the reason behind it.

Pay attention to your nutrition:

The mind is the root of all thoughts and the miserable condition we create for ourselves. That's why it is very important to keep it healthy. Try to include those things in the diet, which are beneficial and nutritious for the brain. Instead of consuming sugar, gluten, and processed things, you should eat healthy things like fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. By doing this, your mind will focus more on this process and you will get to know yourself better.

Do meditation daily for some time:

Make it your habit for a month that you will wake up every morning and do meditation for some time. During this, pay attention to the feelings and emotions that you are getting to see while observing yourself. These things can help you identify the triggers that are causing your habitual thoughts to keep coming back to your mind.

If you want to change your life or your thinking, then first of all it is necessary to control your mind. There can be many ways to do this like meditation or doing yoga daily. In these ways, you will be able to know the person inside you. Therefore, by doing such a process within a month, you will see clear results.

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