These things should not be consumed at night.

Uric acid is a toxin that is formed in the body after digesting food. Kidneys work to filter these toxins from urine, but when these toxins increase, they start accumulating in the joints, which the kidneys are unable to remove. This causes pain in your joints. This is fine but the condition worsens when the sufferer has difficulty sitting or standing. Let us tell you that due to the increase of uric acid in the body, the problem of joint pain, swelling, and arthritis increases considerably.

Including purine-rich foods in the diet increases uric acid in the body. Therefore, if you stop consuming these things at night, then your health will be good and you will not have the problem of uric acid.

Intake of pulses

If you have more uric acid in your body, then you should stop eating lentils at night. Lentils are high in protein which increases energy in the body. People who have a uric acid problem should never include pulses in their dinner plates at night.

Avoid swallowing food

Many people have a habit of swallowing food after eating. If you also have this habit, then you should change it. Eating more increases the risk of problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid. Swallowing food increases the problem of gout and then the pain starts in the joints. For this everyone should eat less.

Avoid eating meat

People with high uric acid should avoid eating mutton at night. Eating things like red meat, organic meat, minced meat, and seafood at night increases the chances of uric acid in the body. Therefore, if you also eat this type of food at night, then stop it.

Avoid drinking alcohol

People suffering from uric acid problems should never drink alcohol. Alcohol should not be touched especially at night. If you drink alcohol at night, then this problem increases further and you can get into trouble.

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