How to listen to the words of the heart or heart, and how to make the right choice?

There comes a time in everyone's life when his mind says something else and the heart says something else. In such a situation, a person does not understand what is right and what is wrong. Our heart longs for happiness and the mind thinks for others. In such times of life, first of all, we need to keep both our mind and mind calm. It is better to keep calm for some time than to make a wrong decision because it is better to think about it first than to regret it later. Take time to decide which of our decisions will be right because the word wish has no place in life. It is not us but the choices around us that are responsible for the struggles in life.

We must know that our hearts and mind are the same:

When we think something is connected with our mind and our feelings are connected with our heart. When our mind thinks something, we definitely feel its effect. And as we feel, everything goes on in the mind. It is most important to get out the feelings kept in the mind. Things kept in mind can cause tension in our relationships.

Keep everything separate and look at it:

Everything is not the same in life, neither in any relationship nor in front of everyone nor everything. So don't always weigh everything at once. There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to choose between two, so in such a situation, your mind and heart put different things in front. But remember, your mind and heart are not separate, but the same thing you are thinking goes on in your mind. Keep each of the aspects separately, because you will never get the solution if you look at them together. Never allow your mind to do any work, then sit comfortably and think about it, do not bet in a hurry.

Before taking any decision, be sure to know right and wrong:

If there comes a time in your life that you have to choose one, then definitely think about it before taking any decision. Because once taken decision can change your life. Many times we take the wrong decision by thinking about the time to come. But in such a situation, our decision also turns out to be wrong, and later we wish it had not happened. So always before taking any decision, make a decision by keeping both heart and mind calm. Because once the time runs out, it never comes back after returning.

If there ever comes a time in someone's life when their mind and heart choose different initiatives, then give yourself time at such a time. Because once taken it becomes very difficult to reverse the decision.

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