If there is no faith in love then anything can happen. A heart touching story.
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Friends...a boy and a girl who used to love each other a lot but due to just one misunderstanding everything was ruined. Must read this story till the end, it is an important lesson for every boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife.

The story starts from here...

There is a very deep love between Ajay and Seema, both have been married for 4 years but their life is still incomplete as they do not have a child. Still, she is confident that she will have a child this year. There is so much love between the two that they cannot live without each other at all. Ajay's parents sometimes taunt Seema for not having a child and Seema also listens because she is sure that she will definitely have a child.

Time passed by and one day when Ajay was coming home from office, he saw Seema with another man in the market. Seema and that person seemed very happy and it seemed that they had known each other for a long time. Ajay came home and after a while Seema also came.

As soon as Seema came, Ajay asked: Seema… where have you been?
Seema laughingly said: I had gone to the market, had to bring some household items.

Ajay got a little angry after hearing this but did not say anything to Seema. After that Ajay saw Seema many times with the same man at different places and one day Ajay saw that the man had come to drop Seema till the house. Seema seemed very happy with him, the man left she outside the house and then left. Ajay's heart was very sad but he did not say anything to him for fear of losing Seema.

One day Ajay was sitting at home when Seema's mobile phone rang. Seema was in the bathroom so Ajay picked up the phone. As soon as I picked up the phone, a voice came from the other side: Hello Ajay, I am coming home in a while, I have to talk about something important.

Just saying this the man hung up the phone. Now Ajay started thinking that how did that man know the name, many types of thoughts were coming in Ajay's mind. Ajay felt that perhaps this is the man with whom Seema often hangs out. Ajay felt that maybe Seema wants to take divorce from him and that person is coming home to talk in this regard, Ajay became very sad. He did not want to let his marriage break but since Seema cheated, he could not understand anything. Like Ajay was terrified of losing his wife and he fell on the ground. In this, Seema also came out and she picked up Ajay and asked: What happened to you, are you fine?

Ajay angrily pushed Seema and she fell and hit her head on the table kept nearby. Seema was not doing anything. With trembling hands, Ajay picked up Seema in his arms and saw that she had suffered a severe head injury, due to which Seema fainted. Then Ajay's eyes fell on an envelope held in Seema's hands. When he opened the envelope, it was written on it.

Dear Ajay, I wanted to tell you for many days but thought I should surprise you. I had gone to a doctor for the last few days for my treatment and that doctor who was my uncle's son. Who had gone foreign in childhood. She started my treatment and now I am 2 months pregnant. Today I have invited my uncle's son for dinner, you will be very happy to meet him.

Just then the doorbell rings and Ajay runs to open the door. The same uncle's son was standing at the door and he says:
Ajay…I am Suraj, Seema's brother, how are you?”

Then Suraj's eyes fall on Seema who was lying on the ground stained with blood. Suraj immediately takes Seema to the hospital and there Seema falls into a coma. Seema also loses her child. Ajay was sitting on Seema's feet holding his head and wanted to apologize to her but Seema was still in a coma. A small miscommunication created an earthquake in Seema and Ajay's relationship.

Friends, this story teaches us a lot. Before reaching any conclusion in a deep relationship, you should definitely talk to your partner. We all have flaws, but before blaming your partner, check it thoroughly and most importantly talk to him openly. What you see or hear is not necessarily true.

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