There are many types of love relationships.
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Love is such a feeling, which means differently to everyone. We all experience love differently in our lives. Be it Affectionate or Romantic. The obsessive love we sometimes feel for our family, and friends are because love doesn't follow any rules. True love can be your motivation. Love can also help you understand and strengthen your relationship.

The kind of relationship you are sharing with others or the kind of love you are experiencing can be known by certain signs. Here today we are going to tell you about love and some of its signs, by which you can explore your relationship.


Love is not always two-sided. Love can be done even with oneself. To appreciate and accept oneself is also love. Self-love is a process that teaches you to love yourself.

For example:-

  • People who love themselves know very well what they feel and think. They know what they have to do for themselves.
  • Self-care is very important for people who love themselves. They take nutritious diets, exercise, and adequate sleep to improve their lifestyle.
  • People who truly understand self-love. If there are some things in their life that are harmful to their physical, and mental health, then they remove those things from themselves.
  • We often start blaming ourselves for small mistakes, due to which we can harm ourselves. Self-loving people know that failure can lead to success, so they keep themselves motivated.

Selfless love:-

It simply means giving love without any expectation. Feeling selfless in your heart is the purest form of love. People who practice this type of love are kind and understanding. The example of selfless love can be taken from a mother, who selflessly loves her child immensely.

Some signs of selfless love:-

  • You help your partner achieve their goals.
  • You respect your partner's decision and support them in every situation.
  • You keep trying to improve your relationship.

Obsessive love:-

In obsessive love, you ignore your limits. In this love, you get so attached to your partner that you can become a problem for your partner.

Some signs of obsessive love:-

  • You want to track every movement and action of your partner. This happens due to a lack of emotional maturity.
  • You want to keep your partner under your control.
  • You get nervous at the thought of your partner going away.

Love is such an emotion whose feeling is very special. This can be seen in different forms. You can have many types of love like self-love, selfless love, obsessive love, long-lasting love, affective love, romantic love, etc.

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