An inspirational story for life.

Friends, If we give up before we reach our goal, we will lose in the true sense. But if we fight for our goal and we should fight, again and again, our self-confidence will increase many times. After that, when the goal is found, his happiness will be multiplied many times. So no one can decide your defeat or victory. It's up to you.

This is one such motivational story for life. Which you mold into your life. Then no power in the world can stop you from succeeding.

Friends, There was a young man named Arjun. Who had given up on life? What I wanted to do in life. He used to see his defeat at first sight. His friends used to make fun of him. And he would cry in a dark closed room. One day a person hears the sound of crying softly. And that person gets there. And asks: Why are you crying? The young man tells the man all about it. Hearing this, the person laughs heartily. And he says: You know. When i was born. I didn't have eyes then. People used to call my parents. What is the use of a child without eyes? Kill him. It has no future. And you know what happened. My parents did not listen to them and sent me to a special school. Teach me. I passed the SLC with good marks. When I went to college for admission but I refused to enroll in college. But I did not give up. And I enrolled in a music school and took a degree from there. But sadly, I couldn't find a job because I was blind. Then I opened a small music school. This does not mean that I have a lot of money. Because I had no choice but to do so. Today I am happy that some people have got employment because of my music school.

Listening to that person, the young man says:
What do you mean by your story?
That person says: 
Just like your friends make fun of you. In the same way, people have been making fun of me all my life. But I never considered myself weak. The world looked at me with disgust And used to say. There is nothing that you can do about it. And I used to say. I can do anything in life. Today I did everything. In the same way, do something. Take courage. No matter what the world tells you don't care about that.

From this story, we learn that it doesn't matter how the world looks at us. What matters is how you look at yourself. This is the most important thing. Defeat and victory in life depend on your thinking. Assume defeat is victory.

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