Never make this mistake?

It is said that love is a beautiful feeling, when a boy and a girl are tied in a relationship of love, then there is happiness all around them. In today's era, people have one or more relationships before marriage and after that, they get married somewhere.

But can love be found by all?
Do we want what we want?
Can everyone find the partner they want?

Perhaps, the answer to all these questions is no, because people's hearts are definitely broken in love. In such a situation, we do not see anything except sadness, despair, and sadness around us and some people make many such mistakes during this time, for which they have to bear the brunt. Therefore, it is important that during this time we should avoid taking some wrong steps.

Do not think of being away from family:

When many people are heartbroken, they feel that they will be able to keep themselves happy by staying away from family alone. But this happens very rarely, rather when you start living alone, then there is no one with you when your health deteriorates and you can also be surrounded by many types of problems. So staying with family is a better option.

Don't get drunk:

When many people are lost in love, they often turn to drugs. Will you find your love by resorting to alcohol and smoking? No, not at all. Rather, doing so will harm your health and you may also fall into the grip of some disease. So avoid drinking alcohol.

Don't distance yourself from friends:

When many people are heartbroken, they hide things from their friends and start distancing themselves from them. Whereas this is wrong because if you stay alone by keeping a distance from friends, then your friends will not be able to help you and you can be a victim of stress by staying alone.

Do not retaliate:

Suppose your heart is broken in love, but that does not mean that you should have the spirit of revenge. Many people when they are not able to get their love, bring bad thoughts like revenge in their mind which is totally wrong. Doing so only causes harm and its consequences are also bad.

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