Is money more valuable than time?
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Time is money, or we can also say that time is very important and precious. Time can be used to earn money but we cannot use money to get back our lost time. Meaning, time is more valuable than money. There is nothing in this world more valuable than time.

Time is money, it has become a motivational thought for those people who want to achieve success in their life. "Time is money" means that, by using the time properly we can get money and by wasting it we can lose the opportunity to earn money.

The fate of a person cannot be predicted but our reaction, our use depends on our fate. When a good opportunity comes to us, it is up to us how we use the same.

One moment is enough to achieve the heights of success in life. Therefore, we should always be ready to fully and appropriately utilize the opportunities that come at any stage of life.

Time is very valuable. Time never waits for anyone. Whether he is rich or poor, king or beggar.

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