How do we measure success?
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Everyone has a different perspective on looking at success. Some say, having more money makes a person successful, some say that one who has a big house, has big cars, who is living his life in luxury is successful, then someone says that one who has nothing but happiness and satisfaction with his life, he is successful. Meaning everyone has different principles for success. If you are moving towards your goal by doing your work well then you can measure your success.

What do you become in your life? You cannot measure your success by how many successes you achieve in your life or how many goals you achieve, but you can measure your success by how much you struggled and by overcoming which obstacles you achieved success. We get frustrated mostly because we compare ourselves to others, we feel good when we are better than others and we feel bad when others are better than us, so it is better that we ourselves Compete with them.

We can never measure our success by competing with others, improving ourselves, competing with ourselves. Because successful people compete with themselves, they like to break their own records, overcome their shortcomings and hone their strengths. You can never measure your success by how big a position you have achieved in your life or how high you are in your life, but the opposite of success means how many times you were successful in spite of failure, how many times you fell, and stood again. This is how your success is measured.

A person falls very badly at some point in time in his life, he starts to feel that now everything is over, but in spite of all this, he gets up with full enthusiasm and achieves his destination. When you fall, give up and get up again because of some motivation, meanwhile, you have to measure your success.

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