The intention should be good, the result will also be good.

You must have heard or read a good thought that God blesses those whose luck is bad. Those who have bad intentions are never spared. The thoughts written on intention in this post describe the intention of a person. The fate of a person depends on his intention. If a person has good intentions then he never has to face sorrows in life.
  • Nowadays more people are getting spoiled in the market than vegetables.
  • If the intention is good then the results are also good and if the intention is bad then the results are also bad.
  • Be with those whose times are bad, but leave those who have bad intentions.
  • Nothing in the world changes so quickly, as soon as a person's intentions and visions change.
  • No matter how good your intentions are, the world knows you by appearance and God knows you by your intentions.
  • Luck is never bad if the intention is good.
  • Pride tells how much money is there, culture tells how the family is, speech tells how a person is, debate tells how knowledge is, eyes tell what is the face, and touch tells how is the intention.
  • Remember only one lesson for the whole life, just keep the intention clear in friendship and prayer.
  • God is pleased by your intention and human being by appearance, it is up to you, whom you want to please.
  • If your intentions and motives are right, then God definitely helps you in one way or the other.
  • If your conscience and intentions are clear, then it does not matter whether someone calls you good or bad. You will be known only by your intentions and not by the thoughts of others.
  • A person can do a lot if he has the courage to accept and the intention to improve.
  • Make a mirror something that shows intention not face.
  • God blesses those whose fate is bad, those who have bad intentions are by no means spared.
  • To give something to someone, it doesn't need status.
  • It is not a matter of money but of intention, those who know the skill of giving are blessed there.
  • If the intention is good and the hard work is true, then success is definitely achieved.
  • People see your deeds and the Lord sees your intentions.
  • It is not a matter of Sajdah, but if the intention is good then happiness is many.
  • The person's clothes should not be clean, the intention should be clean.
  • Man is not identified by his wealth, but by intention.
  • If your intention is clear then the destination itself will be easy.
  • What is the relation of simplicity to bowing the eyes, the pride is visible only when the intention is clear.
  • Those who have a stain in their intention, how can they ever be spotless.
  • Always keep your intentions clear in love and worship.
  • Our intention is tested when we help one person who cannot give us anything.
  • A good intention is a good fate. The fate of the person gets spoiled whose intentions are wrong. A bad person of intention is bad of fate.
  • If the intention is clear, then the luck also keeps on changing.
  • There is something for everyone that he intended.
If you collect straws with good intentions, then a nest will be built, straws collected with bad intentions will not be able to give you anything but a broom.

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