What are the signs or qualities of true love?
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rue love means having a feeling of unwavering and unique love for your partner. True love only makes one feel pure happiness in life.

What are the signs or qualities of true love? Let's know.

1. True love can endure pain or suffering without complaining or getting angry.

2. Those who truly love have a tender, caring, and kind heart. True love can make you feel sad and happy.

3. True love does not envy other people.

4. Those who truly love do not boast. True lovers admit their mistakes but are humble enough to try to correct them.

5. True love respects you as a person. It never puts you in shame or humiliation.

6. Selfless love is true. It is always thoughtful. A true lover is concerned for the welfare of his beloved. True love is not selfish and greedy.

7. True love always does the right thing. It disciplines itself to avoid wrongdoings. True love does not offend others.

8. True love is true. True love is happy to lead an honest life. It never lies. True love rejoices not in evil but in truth.

9. True love always protects you. He wants you to be safe.

10. True love trusts. It starts with you and depends on you. True love recognizes your abilities, talents, skills, and the good things in you.

11. True love is optimistic. True love includes you in its plans. It sees a bright future with you.

12. True love does not give up easily. Meaning, true love lasts forever.

13. With true love you don't feel insecure. It eliminates your fears and worries. It relaxes your heart, mind, and soul.

14. True love loves even those who hate it. If you truly love someone, you like him even when he hates you.

15. True love is not based on words or hypocritical deeds, but it is based on true deeds. True love not only believes but hopes. It does such things which it expects to be reality.

16. True love takes care of itself. It keeps itself strong and healthy so that it can continue and develop its love for a long time.

17. True love transforms you into a new and better person because true love keeps you away from evil deeds and purifies your soul.

18. True love gives you the confidence to face all the times. He assures to be with you always.

Note: True love is really powerful so it is not easy. It takes great sacrifices and a lot of pain to be endured in giving and receiving true love. True love gives real happiness in life.

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