A True Love Story l Heart Touching & Motivational Short Story
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Friends, I have come to this day with a different kind of love story than any other.

There was a young man. He loved a young woman more than himself. The young woman could not see anything. Because the girl was blind. Knowing this, the family members were not supporting the young man. Instead, they were trying to separate. But is it so easy to separate a person in love? Because the love of the young man was blind but true and pure for her.

The young woman always said to the young man:
Why do you love me so much? In a real sense, I am of no use to you. I can't give you that love. What someone else can give you.

The young man always reassured the young woman:
You will be fine one day. Have faith in god. You will see this world like everyone else. I can't leave you in such a state. You are truly my first love. So you will be with me till the last breath of my life.

This process lasts for a few years. The young man manages to operate on the blind girl's eye by saving some money. After the operation, the young woman begins to see. And the young woman knows that the person she loved was blind.
Seeing this, the young woman says:
I can't love you Karan. Because you are blind. How can I accept a blind person as my spouse? Because you have no future for me.
Hearing this, the young man smiles in pain. And he says:
Riya, listen carefully before I go. You have to take care of my eyes forever. And to be very happy in life.

Riya, thinks Karan is an unknown person and leaves him alone in the hospital.

Friends, what did you learn from this story?
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Writer: TB Pakhrin

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