How to Personality Development?

Whenever we talk on a topic like Personality, many important questions arise in our mind like what is personality? Is this external appearance based on color or is it related to our inner beauty. Are they fixed, are they fixed or can there be some change in it. Although we are all part of the human race, but in spite of this we are all different, even the twins do not match each other completely and make them different from each other, their personality and this personality includes your thinking. , your feelings and the expression of these feelings that are visible in your behavior.

When you behave the same way for a long time, we assume that this is your personality, as if you like to interact with people, there is no hesitation while meeting them, then you are an extrovert. If you are afraid of them and you have to face a situation like dilemma while meeting them, then you are shy, introvert. Whenever we give more expression to any such behavior or behavior, they become an important part of our personality, such as sensitivity, friendly behavior, angry or calm nature, our genes contribute in making this personality, but our experiences. Our sense of belongingness ie the perception plays a major role in giving a proper shape to this personality. For example, if you are good in sight, but whenever you open your mouth, there is a flurry of bitter words in it, then it is of no use.

Similarly, if you are gentle, sensitive towards people, have a way of communicating, then people will often be attracted to you. You will be impressed but you will get experiences in every way in your life, but it depends on you that what you squeeze out of those experiences and make a part of your personality. You are just a puppet, it does not mean that you are not obliged to dance at the behest of anyone, so it is in your hands whether you should manage or spoil your personality. You have to decide for yourself.

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