Best Motivational Speech l Part-33

Friends, how beautiful books are.
Its beautiful cover.
Decorated page.
But is it really a wonderful book?
Is what is written in it true?
Is inspiring.
But is it valuable it for us?
How to take this thing.
Now you think that's normal.
But how to know the quality of the book by looking at the cover.
For that you have to read.
That must be understood.
You have to give time.
Yes or no... you are right.
The only surprise is that you know all this about the book.
But in the case of any person, you should never think that
a person is judged by his clothes.
From her physical appearance and her beauty.
Can never be.

For that you have to read that person.
That should be reminded.
He should be given time.
But what do we do?
Do you know?
The first difference is that we are attracted by color and beauty.
We think of it as love.
And one day someone will say this.
Her love story was not successful.
He cheated.
But no one else is to blame.
The fault is yours.
Because you couldn't give that person time.
You didn't read that person's opinion.
Love is not a dish that ripens in a few moments.
To taste it.
For this you have to give your whole life time.
So give it time.
Not in the form of each other, friends.
Connect with the self.

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