Best Motivational Speech l Part-35

Friends, man's thinking.
The deepest or hardest part of the world.
What will happen to this mind after what happens?
It is impossible to say.
But this thought often comes to our minds with a sense of inferiority.
We always look at the person above us.
We analyze his life
And later we think of ourselves as inferior.
He has so much money.
He has so much strength.
But with me...
I have nothing.
I am a very poor person.
I am nothing for the world, I am addicted and so on.

Yes, it's not like that...
But there is no such thing.
There are many things with you too.
Look back?
If any hungry person found only one loaf of bread
Even if it is a grain for others.
But nothing less than food for him.
So whenever a feeling of inferiority arises in the mind.
Then you see someone else.
Go back to that arrow.
You will believe whether you believe it or not
You are nothing to the world.
But for some, you are the whole world.
Which is your world my friend!!
Learn to be happy in it. ok

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