Best Motivational Speech l Part-34

Friends, it is written in the scriptures.
If a person learns to remain silent.
Most of his problems go away on their own and
Satyam has greater power than silence.
There is a lot of force.
Because what is the use of force when the time comes?
Is it always appropriate to remain silent?
No, history is a witness.
That is why there is so much diversity in the world.
Because if time is stuck, people will not be able to resist it.
Be silent.
If silence is a weapon, it is just as necessary to use it when the time comes.

If you remain silent for no reason.
Then the evil element begins to consider it as consent.
Then gradually it becomes your nature.
Your practice begins and
Again your personality becomes like a simple dress.
Use your voice wisely if you need it.
How long should the voice be kept in the family?
And when should you not remain silent?
It is even more important to understand that friends,
When to break it.

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