New Motivational Speech l Part-32

There is no one like us.
Who has not seen the tree.
Don't see birds in the trees.
Don't look at his nest.
These birds may not have seen their young chicks grazing.
This is the most moving scene in the world.
The birds bring grain from a distance into their mouths.
And they feed their children while they are hungry.
With selfless stillness.
When the child's feathers come.
Then he teaches his baby to fly
After that, he is set free.
To live their life.
In this sky.
To fly.

What we humans do.
The offspring we raise like birds.
As soon as his wings come out, we tie him up.
Thinking that the child should not fly away.
This is not to say that parents do not love their children in this situation.
Of course it happens.
But this love tends to weigh more.
Which becomes a barrier between oneself and one's child's future.
We forget that,
We are the creators.
We are not fortune tellers.
When infatuation comes in love.
Then that love becomes selfishness.
So keep love with you and keep away from lust.
Because of the one we love.
Its development should never be stopped.

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