These five questions every human should ask themselves?

Mental health experts advise to be happy always. According to him, to keep the mind healthy, you should not get too entangled in sorrow and pain and support happiness. But as important as it is to be happy, it is equally difficult and rare in today's time. Look at any person, he will be very sad about something or the other.

The person who has the courage to be happy in every situation, he stays far away from diseases. Apart from this, his strength to defeat the disease also increases.

These five questions:

What brings happiness?

Just as happiness comes from being with a person in life, in the same way, doing any work also gives happiness. Some people find pleasure in painting, some singing, and some in studying. Do whatever makes you happy. But keep in mind that your favorite work should not become the cause of someone else's misery.

From whom will you get happiness?

Often people are unhappy with their loneliness. But there are some people around us who can become the source of our happiness. We just don't pay attention to them. These people can be our parents, siblings, friends or friends. Try to be around someone who makes you happy.

Why is there a feeling of insecurity?

Everyone has insecurities of something or the other in life. Someone thinks that someone will take away my wealth, someone thinks that it will be taken away and so on. But because of this feeling of insecurity, you forget to enjoy today's happiness and company. Keep in mind that the future is not in our control. So find ways to be happy in the present.

Why do mean people come to you?

This happy question is a bit tricky. Because you have to think about it in a positive way. Mean people will come to you and get the job done. But there is no need to be sad or angry about this. Rather, think that you are capable of helping people. Thinking like this will make you happy.

Is money really necessary?

The biggest misery of the people is the hunger for money. But ask yourself whether money is really necessary for our happiness or whether our happiness is based around our family, friends etc. Money can be a way to live life, but not a way.

Note: The above tips can be very useful for wives.

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