The dark side of love. Let's know.

Hello and welcome. on my blog. Today we will talk about two sides of love: one Dark side and the other Bright side.

A love is what you hear, and keep looking. Which is shown in the movies. A love is something that is very different from the movie world, And the reality is different. How easy it is to fall in love in a movie, But that is not really true. Somewhere in the story of this movie, some relationships get broken. Because something else is going on in their mind, But the reality is completely different.

Unconditional love is what you see in a movie. But this never happens in real life. First of all, it is important to know, Unconditional love can only be done by your parents. No one else can. Yes, where your spouse, wants unconditional love from your partner, this is where the problem starts. Whether husband or wife or someone else's love affair. There can be no such thing, Get love for free.

Here you have to prove yourself. A husband has to do many things for his wife. Similarly a wife for her husband. Only then does that relationship work. A relationship when you act well, Then that relationship will work better for you. If you are not acting well in a relationship, That will never be good for you. Whom you remember to love. That is not really love.

When you start to feel good about something. That is called attraction. Where your mind begins to connect with someone. That is called attachment. With which you are comfortable. And everything starts to share. Which you also believe. This is called addiction. That person needs you. When you can't find that person, Then you start to get frustrated. And problems start to come up in your relationship. And doubt begins to arise. Friends, this is the dark side of a relationship, You may lose in a relationship. You will also be cheated in the relationship, And that person is very angry at anything you say, May leave you, But is it because of this that we don't have a relationship? Not at all. Because not everyone is the same. Today we talked about the dark side of love. In the next post, we will talk about the bright side of love.

Today we talked about the Dark side of love. In the next post, we will talk about the Bright side of love.

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