New Motivational Speech l Part-27 l Shrikhrishna Bani

Friends, love is the most sacred bond in the world. If someone rejects your love. If no one can understand your love. Then what happens then ? You will be sad. Some will try to get love by cheating. He will try to gain power in love by using some force. But it doesn't have to be who you love. He also had to love you. Because love is not an object. There is no state. There is no wealth. Who can be subdued by force. Love is that power. Who can break every bond for you. But he himself does not fall into any bondage. Whom you love. Set it free. Because that is the meaning of freedom. Which is most dear to any creature.

Love is sacred. Then he must understand this. Until then, love unselfishly. Selfishness will become inactive. Then love will surely come. Then love will surely come.

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