Why is the color of love red? Let's know.
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When the gift is given in love when the punishment is given to show love when the love is decorated in demand, every time it plays with it a red color. 

Have you ever wondered why the color of love is red?

Color of passion

The red color is the color of passion, love is the identity of passion, blood running in human colors is red and the redness of that blood is the color of your love. This is also the color of love is red.

Religious reasons

The red color symbolizes happiness and good luck, hence the color of the pair of vermilion and a new couple in Hindu marriage is red. The destination of love is called a wedding, so the color of love is also red.

Color of life

The beating heart in your chest is red which testifies to your being alive. Not only the baby's lips at birth, but the entire body is also in red color. That is, red is the color of your life which indicates that your existence is identified.

Emotional reasons

The symbol of romance and excitement is red color and love has a deep relationship with both of them, hence also the color of love is red.

Symbol of good feeling

Because red color is considered a symbol of happiness, enthusiasm, and belonging, red rose, and red dress is considered the best gift of love, and girls in red-colored outfits express their love without saying anything.

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