What is a personality disorder? Let's know in detail.
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Often people will think that there is only one type of personality disorder, while experts point out that personality disorder is not one but many types. According to experts, a personality disorder can appear in different types of individuals. This is a situation in which the patient's experience and behavior patterns occur in adolescence. At the same time, if someone remains without treatment in this condition, then the patient may have to bear the loss in the future.

What is the type of personality disorder?

Obsessive personality disorder:-

The lifestyle of people with this disorder is quite different from all the people, you can easily identify such people. In this situation the person always tries to keep himself alone, neither does he like to talk to anyone in the family nor get up and sit with someone. This is the reason that at this time he wants to keep himself completely alone.

Dependent Personality Disorder:-

In which one can feel unsuccessful, weak, and lost. In a dependent disorder, a person needs the support of others to think, decide, and work on anything. With its help, they are able to do some work or decide. This happens because they are afraid that they should not lose or fail in anything.

Antisocial personality disorder:-

This is a form of social disorder, in which case he can cheat all the people living in society. This happens because he starts hating everybody somewhere, which is why the patient seems unhappy with his family.

Paranoid personality disorder:-

This is a type of disorder in which the patient experiences a feeling of doubt and feeling. During this time, the victim has a fear that no one in front will harm them. In such a situation, they do not succeed in trusting anyone, so their habit becomes suspicious.

Borderline personality disorder:-

This is known as an emotionally unstable disorder. During this time any person can feel difficult to understand their feelings. You may not see this for a few days but for a long time, you are feeling emotionally hurt. If it is not diagnosed on time, then people can go to its critical condition and try to kill themselves.

Note: Be sure to consult a doctor before adopting any method. Our aim is just to provide you information.

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