The debate does not make a relationship. It is important to understand.

There comes a time in every relationship when your partner starts doing such things that she is objectionable or hurting your feelings. In such a situation, you are bound to get hurt. Many times you may ignore these things or these things do not matter to you. Maybe you are very strong inside. It also depends on the mood at times.

For example, if your mood is good and your partner has even said something insulting to you, then you will ignore it. But it does not happen when your mood is not right. But if this problem remains unsolved, then the malice in your mind increases for your partner. Negative thoughts start coming into your mind. Which is not good for any relationship. But it is also possible that you tell your partner beforehand that all this is unbearable. In good relationships, one thing is solved and not rotated to the other side.

It is very important to understand each other in the relationship.


First, find out why you are depressed? 
Which part of your partner did you not like? 
If you find out the reason for your sadness, you can also solve it with your partner. Talk openly with each other. It is not good to leave things unresolved. Do not allow distance in the relationship as much as possible.

Don't bring IGO in the middle:-

If you always think that you are right and always hope that your partner comes and apologizes to you, then it is not right at all. If your partner thinks similarly, then the situation will get worse. In such a situation, no one will apologize to each other and both will be adamant. So, leaving your stubbornness, try yourself first. Tell your partner lovingly what their fault is. Do not wait for them to say sorry.

Take your responsibility:-

If you feel that the mistake has been made on your behalf, then accept it without delay. Believe it, your partner will not stop himself from apologizing for your behavior. There is nothing wrong with saying sorry and sorry, especially when it is affecting your relationship. Believe that your behavior will act as a bridge to save the relationship of both of you. No matter how big the battle is, but taking the initiative can end the quarrel quickly.

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