I am sorry. One such love story. That will make you cry.

By reading this emotional love story, your heart will also melt and you will also get a lesson.

The story starts from here...

Raju and Ankita were very much in love with each other. One day Ankita got out of her college in half-day itself and called boyfriend Raju and asked me to leave the house by bike.
Raju said: Ok, just wait.

Ankita waited for Raju outside the college but Raju did not come. Ankita's anger was turning red. After some time Raju came to him with a bike.

Ankita: - Why have you come now? Go away from here. I will go myself.
Raju said: sorry... and Ankita just smiled and sat on the bike.

Raju often just says sorry about any mistake. He doesn't say anything more than that. Ankita also notices that Raju does this to avoid any explanation. For any of his mistakes, he did not have to explain much, so Raju used to speak sorry. Whereas earlier Raju did not do this.

Long time between Raju and Ankita's relationship. Now Ankita too was fed up with Raju's Sorry. She used to think that I am sorry that speaking does not make everything right. But Raju was probably not ready to understand this. Ankita tried hard to convince Raju, but he did not. Eventually, Ankita decided that she would end this relationship because Ankita believed that a love relationship would not go on with just sorry. Now Ankita stopped picking up Raju's phone.

Three months had passed, but Ankita loved Raju so much that she could not forget him. Then one day Ankita went to meet Raju at college. Where he came to know that Raju is not coming to college for the last month. Ankita panics, she calls Raju when her number was closed. Ankita is Raju's best friend. From there it came to know that Raju has been in the hospital for the last month.

Ankita rushed to the hospital. Where Raju is lying on the bed and with difficulty he was able to say something. Ankita started crying after seeing him. Seeing Ankita, Raju also had tears. Then with great difficulty, Raju told Ankita I am sorry and then closed his eyes. Raju never opened his eyes after that.

A few days later Ankita got the letter written by Raju. The letter wrote:

My dear Ankita,

I did not like to say sorry to you again and again. When you waited for some time outside of college, that day I did not deliberately lie down, but for the first time that day, my chest ached. Because of which I fainted and as soon as I became aware, I reached you while running. That day I did not tell you anything because I knew you would come under tension. Even after that, whenever I told you sorry, this was the reason behind it. I had a hole in my heart and I knew it for the first time. I love you too and will keep doing it. I wish God could give me a little more life so that I could spend some more time with you.

Well, forgive me if I hurt you because of my sorry words. I am sorry Ankita…

After reading the letter, were not taking the name of the tears of her.

Friends, this story teaches us that we should always give time to understand and explain to those close and loving. If your friends or lovers are not able to say anything in front of you, then you should try to understand them. Otherwise, it will not be late and I am sorry, I do not get a chance to speak.

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